Donna Dubinsky

Donna is a serial entrepreneur best known for her work as CEO of Palm Computing and then Handspring, pioneers of the first successful handheld computers and smartphones. Previously, Donna spent 10 years in a multitude of sales, sales support, and logistics functions—both at Apple and at Claris, an Apple software subsidiary.  She founded Numenta with her long-time business partner, Jeff Hawkins, in 2005.  Numenta has a two-pronged mission – to figure out how the brain works and then apply it to create more powerful machine intelligence.

Donna earned a B.A. from Yale University, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. She served on the board of Yale University from 2006-2018, including two years as Senior Fellow.


Lucas Cohen

Lucas began his career in tech in high-school, doing graphics and UI design for a handful of mobile games and free apps coded by a friend. Lucas earned his B.A. from The University of California at Santa Barbara, where he was part of a small founding team that created a software communication platform for people with disabilities, now called Cognixion. Lucas served as Marketing/Community Manager of Cognixion for 3 years while in college, and also earned the Technology Management Certificate.

After graduating, Lucas spent a year at Canvas Ventures, as an assistant to a seasoned tech investor and partner of the firm, helping with research, coordination, and administrative tasks. In October 2017, Lucas met Donna and began work on 70MillionVoters.



Extended Team and Partners


Additional members of the team have included:

Harry Cocciolo, Rob Kabus and Alison Fowler; Promontory Brands

Christine Bachman, Michael Hirschorn and Clare Marash; The People Votes

Megan Myall  

Cybelle Kaehler